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Our $99 Steam Special! (Usually $149) And The Precautions We Are Taking With COVID-19 | Earth Car Wash

As we continue into these uncertain times, cleanliness and disinfecting are frequently touched surfaces is more important than ever. Our vehicle interiors can be a harbor for germs as one of the most frequently touched surfaces in our day-to-day lives.

In response to the COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus) pandemic, Earth Car Wash has discounted our packages that are most effective at keeping our interiors clean and implemented precautionary measures to keep our clients and employees safe.

Usually priced at $149 for a sedan, our Steam Cleaning Special has been reduced to $99 (Sedan Price). High-Temperature steam is a known antimicrobial heat agent.  It appears that bacteria begin to die when exposed to 248°F (120°C) steam. Steam is a cost-effective method of quickly treating surfaces and doesn’t need the help of chemicals to clean, it uses pure, clean steam as the cleaning agent.

Precautions We Are Taking

We have also implemented precautions for our technicians to keep all parties safe. Technicians are equipped with medical grade nitrile gloves, N95 masks which are also now readily available to buy at Pandemic pal and sanitizing solutions that are required to be used in between appointments. When beginning to work on the interior of the vehicle, a clean set of nitrile gloves are always used and properly discarded immediately after use. Upon completion of the service, the client’s car key is disinfected before being left in the cupholder for the customer to retrieve.

We have also implemented contactless servicing where all payments are processed online or over the phone. Technicians will not be accepting credit card payments in the field to help with the decrease of contact between parties.

Take advantage of this amazing deal by calling us (877)557-7737 or texting us to book at (424)279-3950.

We look forward to the opportunity to service your vehicle!

Earth Car Wash is officially in Las Vegas

Earth Car Wash in officially in Las Vegas, NV

Mobile Car Wash Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego and San Francisco


Earth Car Wash opened his doors to a market that embrace, just like Los Angeles, the green mobile car wash system. The demand in Las Vegas make us focus on extending our services to Las Vegas.

With our experience after 5 years in markets like Los Angeles, San Francisco, Orange County and San Diego, Earth Car Wash brings its best to Las Vegas.

Mobile Auto Detailing in Las Vegas is constantly growing and Earth Car Wash is here to bring you the best mobile car wash and detailing services at your door.

Mobile Auto Detailing Las Vegas

Professional Detailers is what you get when you book your Mobile Car Wash or Auto Detailing with Earth Car Wash Las Vegas.

Mobile Car Wash services on demand with a piece of mind that we can handle everything from 1 car to 300 cars.



Mobile Car Wash Las Vegas Auto Detailing Las Vegas

Be sure that your car will look at best with our Mobile Green Car Wash system.

Booking your appointment is easy, few taps online at earthcarwash.com and you are all set.






Getting your car wash was never easier then today. Mobile Car Wash on Demand is the way to go.

We are busy at work, or with the kids, or we just need to relax once in a wile. Earth Car Wash is here to provide you with the best Mobile Car Wash and Auto Detailing services right at your home or office.

Book your appointment

Mobile Services on Demand in Los Angeles

Did you think that ordering a mobile car cleaning can be that easy?

Few years back when Earth Car Wash started, people where calling to see where we are located and they where evenmore suprised to find out we are mobile and we come to their house or work. mobile car wash and deailing

Nowadays, everybody in knows that the only efficient way to get your car washed or detail is to book it at your home or work. You don’t have to interrupt your day anymore to go to a corner car wash. You book with Earth Car Wash on our website in just a few mintues.

We serve anywhere is Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego or San Francisco within minutes from your booking time.

car detailing at homeThere is not other mobile car wash or detailing company to sustain such a demand with a high quality as a number one priority.

What could before be a strugal to get your car washed and detailed, today is in the new normal to have a mobile car wash at home. Is also becoming the new normal to have in ordered and delivered within the same day and sometimes minutes. Its obvoius that a category with such demand had to be distressed and improved. Earth Car Wash is here to change the way we order and deliver a mobile car detailing at home and work.

The steps are easy:

  1. book your appointment online
  2. get a confirmation through text and email
  3. unlock the car for our professional detailers
  4. enjoy a clean ride

car detailing los angelesNo cash needed or the upselling harrasment for a traditional car wash. No more wasting valuable time in line. And most important, get it done right, with the eco-friendly and organic products.

Book your appointment today and Save Time, Save Energy and Save Money

Facts that I bet you did not know

Facts that I bet you did not know:

  • The three-year period between fall 2011 and fall 2014 was the driest since recordkeeping began in 1895.
  • Droughts encourage better water management, including increased conservation and investments in new supplies such as recycled wastewater, groundwater storage, and stormwater collection.
  • Households and non-farm businesses account for about 20% of human water use in California.
  • One important way to conserve is by using less water wherever possible.
  • The current car wash industry in the US alone wastes about 1,260,000 tons of water daily.
  • The California Water Resources Control Board now issues a $500 CITATION PER DAY if you wash your car at home using a considerable amount of water.
  • Waterless car wash has been proven to have better results on a car than the regular high pressure car wash.
  • Cars spend most of their time outside, therefore they are exposed to sunlight and other environmental hazards including the sun, dirt, smog and acid rain, that over time will deteriorate the auto’s paint finish.
  • The chemicals used in the waterless process are proven to restore the shine of the paint and maintain the best look for your vehicle.
  • The wax applied in our process will keep most outside elements away from deteriorating your paint.
  • When you think about selling your vehicle, you should consider detailing it first.
  • Did you know you could possibly add hundreds of dollars to the value of your car if it was completely detailed?

Velvet wrapped luxury cars

This will catch fast in Los Angeles

Velvet-coveret Rolls Royce Phantom

Velvet Wrapped Cars

Range Rover two-tone Velvet covered

Range Rover two-tone Velvet covered

Range Rover Velvet wrapped

Range Rover Velvet wrapped

Rolls Royce wrapping include a red gold panel in the centre of the black velvet

Rolls Royce wrapping include a red gold panel in the centre of the black velvet

We like to be different

Earth Car Wash - On Demand Car Wash and Detailing at your Home or Office

We are different. And we like it.

We take pride in it. It’s our trademark. And that’s only because in everything we do we’re better than our competition.

Our team is exclusively formed out of trained professionals, background checked and absolutely each of them comes with high recommendations.  And not only that, but we are a fun team. Our approach is completely different.

We treat our clients like they are our best friends. We always have their best interest in mind and we put if before anything else. Our technicians are friendly and they always open to door of communication with the office whenever necessary. Earth Car Wash reviews

When the office personnel is involved, all issues are addressed patiently and our assistants always make sure everybody is satisfied.  Our car wash process per say is different too. We are committed to save water and energy and only use Eco friendly products. We stand by our statement and we do anything in our power to be green, even if that means to be completely different and sometimes questioned by others.

And where does that get us?  It gets us right where we want to be: behind a new and innovative concept, standing out by integrity and commitment. And we’re so proud of what we are.

Mandatory Interior Detailing

Why detailing the interior of your car is MANDATORY at least once a month

Are you one of the over 50 million Americans who suffer from allergies?

organic interior detailing


Have you ever read those articles about how allergens are everywhere around us any by following a few simple steps we can eliminate most of the causes of severe allergies? Well, we all saw the Discovery Channel documentaries on dust mites that live in our mattresses and I’m sure most of us are very conscious about buying the most expensive anti allergenic mattresses, mattresses covers or bedding, about constantly cleaning our homes and making sure our sofas, chairs, carpeting, curtains and other welcoming hosts for dust mites are frequently cleaned.

And that’s great.  But guess what? That’s a job only half way done.

Because nowadays unfortunately we spend a good amount of time in our cars. Yes, that’s right. Nobody thought about the upholstery from the car. Nobody thought about the vents in our cars. And that’s where we live and breath so many hours a day.

Now, even if we keep our cars clean and vacuum frequently the inside, that doesn’t mean our upholstery is dust mites free and our vents are cleaned. Steaming and thoroughly cleaning the inside of our cars on a regular basis is now mandatory.

steam interior detailing


And that is yet another reason for which Earth Car Wash should be your only option to take care of your car detailing needs. Not only we offer the convenience of cleaning it wherever you might be, traveling to you and doing our job without interrupting your busy day schedule, but we also exclusively use organic products for the interior of your car and professional steamers to clean your upholstery, mats, undermats and vents.

So don’t wait any longer and book your appointment now.

Carnauba Wax

We are frequently asked by our customers if it’s worth it for them to get the wash and wax instead of the regular car wash. Obviously, any upgrade of the packages comes with huge benefits for your car, but now we would only like to concentrate on the benefits of waxing.

Carnauba Wax Mobile Car Detailing


First off, I believe it’s important to underline the fact that after researching all products on the market, we decided to use exclusively carnauba wax, and here’s why:

  •  Carnauba wax is natural, directly derived from the carnauba palm tree
  • Carnauba wax is the preferred car wax of collectors and car enthusiasts because it creates a rich, warm glow
  • It transforms the paint into a deep, liquid pool that shimmers under changing light conditions
  • It lasts for about 6-8 weeks, keeping the paint nice and shinny
  • It appeals to people who want the absolute most stunning show car shine available
  • Carnauba wax is breathable
  • It protects your paint from water and exterior agents
  • Carnauba wax creates a hydrophobic surface on the car
  • It is the leading product used in car detailing

So whenever a client is asking us whether they should wax their car or stick to the regular wash, our answer is a definitely YES in favor of the wax. It is absolutely necessary to periodically wax your car if you want to maintain the paint in good shape.

California, Why Green Car Wash from now on?

It’s no news that California is currently in a drought. We are all aware of the mandatory restriction on watering our lawns only two days a week.

So, when thinking of a getting a car wash, many might be a little hesitant. But an emerging trend is “waterless” car washes, these car washes use top of the line biodegradable solvents to make the car cleaner than imagined and shine.

Earth Car Wash uses these biodegradable solvents and organic cleaners to make the car look like new. Also, since water is such an issue in California, we are also very conscious with what we use.

Washing one’s car at home may come with a heavy fine due to this shortage. That is why many news sources are recommending leaving the car washes to the pros.

While leaving the car washing to the pros, it comes with an added benefit of better quality, and it is much safer for your car. Be wise, and use Earth Car Wash for all your wash and detailing needs.

Green Celebrities and their Cars

Celebrities are leading by example by driving green! 

Jay Leno, Justin Bieber, Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, Ashton Kutcher, George Clooney, Kristen Bell, Elon Musk and Cameron Diaz are just a few celebrities that embrace green / electric vehicles.

matt damon tesla celebrity car pics

Matt Damon Driving a electric Tesla Roadster


leonardo dicaprio electric car

Leonardo DiCaprio along his Karma

Keisten Bell green car

Keisten Bell green car Chevy Volt


Jay Leno Chevy Volt

Elon Musk tesla car

Elon Musk Tesla S Model

cameron diaz driving a tesla

Cameron Diaz driving a Tesla

ashton kutcher car collection

Ashton Kutcher car Karma

Luxury electric cars are in! Celebrities are leading by example by choosing as a daily driver electric and hybrid cars.

Lets follow their example!


Earth Car Wash LLC

Book us in any of this counties!

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