California, Why Green Car Wash from now on?

It’s no news that California is currently in a drought. We are all aware of the mandatory restriction on watering our lawns only two days a week.

So, when thinking of a getting a car wash, many might be a little hesitant. But an emerging trend is “waterless” car washes, these car washes use top of the line biodegradable solvents to make the car cleaner than imagined and shine.

Earth Car Wash uses these biodegradable solvents and organic cleaners to make the car look like new. Also, since water is such an issue in California, we are also very conscious with what we use.

Washing one’s car at home may come with a heavy fine due to this shortage. That is why many news sources are recommending leaving the car washes to the pros.

While leaving the car washing to the pros, it comes with an added benefit of better quality, and it is much safer for your car. Be wise, and use Earth Car Wash for all your wash and detailing needs.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Green Mobile Detailing

Being in the mobile detailing business for so long we couldn’t help but being asked the same questions over and over again by our potential customers. They mainly wanted us to explain to them why or how are we better than the corner car wash.

So we came up with a list of benefits and drawbacks.

Let’s start with the benefits:

  • We’re mobile. We come to you. We do the driving. You save money on gas and time on driving and waiting at the car wash. In today’s world, when time is money, I would say that’s pretty much the best thing someone can offer you: time.
  • You will not be disturbed from your daily activities.  You can do something else, such as shopping, dining, playing, working, or just enjoying yourself at home while your vehicle is being cleaned and detailed.
  • Our methods provide a high quality service with very low water consumption (less than 1 gallon of water per service) and does not produce effluents on the ground or sewage, hence no issues with local authority regulations.
  • Convenience and flexibility. We do not require anything from our customers. We are self sufficient and also work around your schedule. We can work on the cars regardless of their location, inside in a garage, or outside, parked on the street.
  • We carry all the equipment necessary to clean and detail any kind of vehicle, from the tiniest sedan, to the biggest truck, motor home or boat. And let’s face it, big vehicles are very hard to take to the corner car wash.
  • Our employees are verified, professionally trained and they have clean driving records. How many times were you worried about your personal stuff from the car while your car was being washed at the corner car wash by shady employees? Not our case.
  • We work on weekends. While you relax or even sleep in on a weekend morning, your car can be cleaned and detailed for you and when you’re ready to take on the weekend, it will be right there ready for you. No time waste, no hassle.
  • We are a big help in the environment protection drive. We do not use harmful chemicals and we take big pride in using only Eco friendly or organic products.
  • Our services are very affordable.

Now let’s see the drawbacks:

Well, we couldn’t find any yet. If you can, we would be more than happy to listen to it and try to change it into a benefit as well.


To be perfectly honest this study has helped reassure ourselves that we are in the right place and made us even more determined to keep up with our good work. If you agree with us, click here to make your appointment.