February 23, 2015 cars

We like to be different

Earth Car Wash - On Demand Car Wash and Detailing at your Home or Office

We are different. And we like it.

We take pride in it. It’s our trademark. And that’s only because in everything we do we’re better than our competition.

Our team is exclusively formed out of trained professionals, background checked and absolutely each of them comes with high recommendations.  And not only that, but we are a fun team. Our approach is completely different.

We treat our clients like they are our best friends. We always have their best interest in mind and we put if before anything else. Our technicians are friendly and they always open to door of communication with the office whenever necessary. Earth Car Wash reviews

When the office personnel is involved, all issues are addressed patiently and our assistants always make sure everybody is satisfied.  Our car wash process per say is different too. We are committed to save water and energy and only use Eco friendly products. We stand by our statement and we do anything in our power to be green, even if that means to be completely different and sometimes questioned by others.

And where does that get us?  It gets us right where we want to be: behind a new and innovative concept, standing out by integrity and commitment. And we’re so proud of what we are.

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