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Why all of our customers are happy with our service?

Why all of our customers are happy with our service?

We were often asked what is it that we do to provide such outstanding service. For us the answer to that question is simple: because being great at what we do is our second nature. Starting with the dedicated staff that first greet our customers and do their best to accommodate all needs and wishes, designing special packages, customized to offer best results for specific problems and continuing with our amazing team of specially trained technicians that work on the field and address any issue with the client on the spot, never leaving a job site unless the customer is completely satisfied with the outcome, there’s really not much room for any other results but 100% customer satisfaction.

Earth Car Wash reviews

We’re often praised for our dedicated customer service, either on the phone or in person and that only motivates us to constantly improve ourselves and get better and better. For us, there’s no other reward like seeing our customers wowed with what we did with their cars.

Well, probably that’s right next to the fact that we’re completely green and very environmentally aware. So go ahead and trust us with your car and you won’t be disappointed.

Just as our headline says, over 25000 happy customers can’t be wrong. We are the best at what we do. When it comes to the best mobile car wash and detailing service in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Francisco and San Diego, call us. Or, even better, book online and get ready for the best treatment for your car.

Mobile Car Detailer

Mobile Car Detailer 

Q: What is a mobile car detailer?
A: A “Mobile Car Detailer” is a licensed, insured and bonded person or company that washes and details cars at the customer house or office.
A mobile detailing business will be professionally trained and equipped in their mobile units with all the tools necessary to complete one or multiple cars with any service from a regular wash to a complete detail and paint restoration.
Auto Detailer at home
Earth Car Wash is a bonded, licensed and insured mobile car wash and car detailer. Serving the entire California at your home or office.
As Mobile Detailers, we made sure our units are fully equipped and self sufficient to perform mobile car washes and full details or paint restoration on multiple cars per day.
Best Car Detailer - Auto Detailing Company
All our technicians are trained professionally and experts in mobile car detailing service.
Hiring a company like Earth Car Wash you can be sure your job will meet and exceed your expectation in washing or detailing your car. We offer 100% satisfaction guaranteed and our main goal is to “wow” you with our results and performance.
Book the best Mobile Detailer today and your car will look impeccable!

The End of Our Green Year

The End of Our Green Year ​ ​


Here we are, at that time of the year when we look back at what we’ve accomplished and then we look forward at what we have planned for the next year. We are so proud to name ourselves amongst the environmentally and socially responsible actors on the green scene this year. Lessons were learned, strength was found to keep up with the good work and we managed to stay true to our beliefs and continue to provide the best mobile detailing service in Southern California while being very environmentally conscious. ​It’s been a great year, with many satisfied customers, with a lot of resources preserved and with the greatest accomplishment that we’ve established a strong and committed team and we’ve made a name for ourselves. ​

And now as we pass to the new year, our goals are very ambitious. We’re already the best and biggest mobile detail company in Southern California. Now it’s time to expand. Now it’s time to grow and leave our footprint where is should be. We already know our system works, we already know people are anxious to welcome us in other states, as we already receive questions regarding out growth, and we’re ready to take on the challenge. It’s not going to be easy, as we’re always dealing with our most aggressive competitors, the small time companies, operating just outside the law, with no insurance, no license and no trained technicians. But nothing great was ever achieved easily and “GREAT” is what we want to be. ​We’re strong enough to face anything and we’re confident that we’re going to grow nation wide and while still providing the best service ever, also raising awareness on being environmentally responsible.

Earth Car Wash – Mobile Car Wash and Detailing service

Earth Car Wash – Mobile Car Wash and Detailing service 

Earth Car Wash started in Los Angeles, CA as a mobile car wash and detailing service. Slowly our Eco-friendly Car Wash start servicing Orange County residents.
Based on the hight requests for mobile car wash services at home in Newport Beach, we had to open a second location in addition to our Los Angeles County operation.
Our mobile car wash and mobile auto detailing services cover Los Angeles cities such as:
“Car Detailing Beverly Hills, Auto Detailing Santa Monica, Auto Detailing Culver City, Auto Detailing Marina Del Rey, Car Detailer Pacific Palisades, Car Detailing West Hollywood, Auto Detail Bel Air and pretty much all cities in Los Angeles County”.
2014 was a great year for Earth Car Wash. We not only expand our Mobile Car Wash and Mobile Detailing fleet in Los Angeles and Orange County, but we also opened offices in San Diego and San Francisco, and also have joined hands with Japanese Auto Repair.
In San Francisco we started in the following cities:
“Mobile Car Wash San Francisco, Auto Detailing DownTown San Francisco, Mobile Detailer Daly City, Mobile Car Detailing Burlingame, Auto Detailing Pacifica, Car Detailer San Mateo, Mobile Car Detailing Redwood City, at Home Car Detailing Palo Alto and most of the other cities in San Francisco County with full services for mobile car wash and auto detailing at home or office”
Our services cater everything for a regular mobile car wash to a compete full detail or paint restoration at home or office.
Earth Car Wash units are fully sufficient and can wash your car at home or office without using your water or electricity. Even on Mobile Car Interior Detailing packages, where we shampoo your carpers, seats and steam your car interior leaving you with a perfectly cleaned interior. Our mobile car services packages, include packages such as wash and carnauba wax, full car detail and exterior paint restoration.
Instated of wasting your time at a local corner car wash, book Earth Car Wash today and get your car washed or detailed right at your home or place of work.
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How to Book a Mobile Car Wash at your Home or Office?

There are multiple choices depending on the area that you need your service.

To start with, I think you should look for a reliable mobile car wash that has been around for a while. And second most important is make sure this company is licensed, bonded and insured.
Mobile Auto Detailer and Car Wash in Woodland Hills
If you are in Beverly Hills area, for example, you want to look for a local mobile car wash or mobile detailer. One reason is because you know that for most of the time you can book the same day service for you car wash. Another reason to choose a local detailer is knowingly that this person is used to the area and probably washes and detail most of your neighbors cars.
Your research key words will be something like: “mobile detailer”, “mobile car wash”, “mobile car wash in Beverly Hills”, “mobile car wash at my office or home”
Same thing if you are in Santa Monica. You need to follow the same procedure and the key phrases will be similar.
For example: “mobile car wash in santa monica” or “mobile detailer in santa monica”.
Once you find the right one, book an appointment online as most of the reliable companies will have an online booking system in place.
The ones that don’t, beware that they still run a business on a paper and usually they are not as efficient with they schedule witch may result in delays or no show.
Mobile Car Wash Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego and San Francisco
Since this is usually a convenience service, you want to have the convenience of simplicity. Meaning, book fast and easy, pay online and work on your business assured that professionals will take care of your car.

How to remove pet hair from your car or couch

4 simple steps to remove pet hair

We all love our pets so much, but the hair they leave behind can be very frustrating. This article will provide you with information on how to remove the pet hair from your car.
To remove pet hair from your car or your sofa at home, you will need the following:

  1. A good vacuum
  2. A carpet brush or a rubber broom
  3. A spray bottle

Removing pet hair is as easy as 1 – 2 – 3. Make sure you get the best litter box for multiple cats before you go on about this. Here are the 3 steps to remove pet hair from you car:

Step 1

Best is if your vacuum comes with a crevice tool. You will need to first vacuum gently all the surface to remove all the light hair.

After that continue vacuuming a small section at the time with repeated distress movements  (left to right or up and down)

If you care aggressive enough with the vacuum you should be left with very little pet hair behind.

Step 2

Spray with water the entire area covered with pet hair

Step 3

Brush everything in the corner of every panel. Or divide the covered area in panels. Then start vacuuming the pet hair and if there is any let over, vacuum almost simultaneously until the pet hair is gone.

Why water-less?

waterless car wash - earth car wash


Many new clients that come accross our services ask us about our methods. For some it seems like a very strange thing to do to wash a car without using water. So we figured it’s about time to take a moment and explain the great advantages of a waterless car wash.

It’s absolutely redundant to state for the thousandth time that this planet we all live on has limited resources and I believe we all became very aware of the fact that wasting the resources that we had for so long got us to the point where we need to be extremely careful with whatever is left. So that’s pretty much when the whole concept of “waterless car wash” was born.

Ever since then the chemicals we use have been perfected and we are at a point right now where a car would absolutely look so much better after a waterless car wash than after a regular one, when you hose down the car and then you wipe it out, leaving all sorts of marks and realizing that you put too much effort into something that does not deliver the results expected.

Here’s how it works: this technique uses a product that contains many different ingredients, including wetting agents, lubricants and protectants. The detergents and wetting agents in the product combine to soften and emulsify surface grime, while a specific blend of fluids and lubricants attach a microscopic layer of protectant to the surface.

The protectant is often an extremely rare (and expensive) substance which provides a bonded layer of protection against any remaining abrasive not broken down by the detergents and wetting agents.

The protectant often contains extensive cross linked polymers, which make it extremely effective as a car wax or glaze. The product often contains a complex mixture of cleaning elements along with the glaze ingredients.

With proper application, the product lifts dirt from the vehicle by emulsification. The product surrounds dirt molecules, lifting them from the paint surface, before you start to wipe. At the same time, the application process initiates the cross chain polymer linking process that results in an extremely shiny, highly protective glazed finish. All this happens very rapidly due to the balance of ingredients within the product itself.

The application process does not involve high pressure nor extensive rubbing and also does not require “soaking” – using a high volume of product. When used as directed the vehicle will shine, and water will bead on it.

This process does not scratch the paint or affect it any way. In fact, it’s been proven that the regular car wash is much more aggressive and it can cause much more damage, because when you spray high pressure water on your car you will only remove the most superficial layer of dust and grime, leaving the rest to be scrubbed down with the sponge and leaving visible marks, also known as “feather marks”.

So those are a few reasons why the new concept caught so fast on the market and why regular car washes will soon be history. We’re always improving our methods and  keeping up with all that’s new on the market. And our specialists work hard to come up with the best methods to efficiently clean a car faster and better than before.

Green mobile detailing business expands to San Francisco


Since being green and environmentally conscious is one of our main concerns, we are very active in the green community. And when we learned that San Francisco is ranked no. 2 in the first ten greenest city in Southern California, Oakland is ranked no. 4 and Berkeley is ranked no. 7, obviously we grabbed the opportunity to expand our business there since the market faces such high demand of Eco friendly services.

And boy, were we right on the spot!!! As soon as our mobile detailing company opened a branch in San Francisco the customers started booking appointments. And not only that, but everybody is interested in becoming a monthly client, since they learned that is one of our most discounted packages. Now, seriously, who doesn’t want to completely erase from their mind the hassle of having to go to the car wash and maintain their car look nice and shinny all the time? Our amazing monthly package takes care of your car for a whole month without you even doing a thing. And all that comes in a green, Eco friendly package? Absolute no brainer.

We are very proud to serve such an environmentally emancipated community. It makes our mission even more important.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Green Mobile Detailing

Being in the mobile detailing business for so long we couldn’t help but being asked the same questions over and over again by our potential customers. They mainly wanted us to explain to them why or how are we better than the corner car wash.

So we came up with a list of benefits and drawbacks.

Let’s start with the benefits:

  • We’re mobile. We come to you. We do the driving. You save money on gas and time on driving and waiting at the car wash. In today’s world, when time is money, I would say that’s pretty much the best thing someone can offer you: time.
  • You will not be disturbed from your daily activities.  You can do something else, such as shopping, dining, playing, working, or just enjoying yourself at home while your vehicle is being cleaned and detailed.
  • Our methods provide a high quality service with very low water consumption (less than 1 gallon of water per service) and does not produce effluents on the ground or sewage, hence no issues with local authority regulations.
  • Convenience and flexibility. We do not require anything from our customers. We are self sufficient and also work around your schedule. We can work on the cars regardless of their location, inside in a garage, or outside, parked on the street.
  • We carry all the equipment necessary to clean and detail any kind of vehicle, from the tiniest sedan, to the biggest truck, motor home or boat. And let’s face it, big vehicles are very hard to take to the corner car wash.
  • Our employees are verified, professionally trained and they have clean driving records. How many times were you worried about your personal stuff from the car while your car was being washed at the corner car wash by shady employees? Not our case.
  • We work on weekends. While you relax or even sleep in on a weekend morning, your car can be cleaned and detailed for you and when you’re ready to take on the weekend, it will be right there ready for you. No time waste, no hassle.
  • We are a big help in the environment protection drive. We do not use harmful chemicals and we take big pride in using only Eco friendly or organic products.
  • Our services are very affordable.

Now let’s see the drawbacks:

Well, we couldn’t find any yet. If you can, we would be more than happy to listen to it and try to change it into a benefit as well.


To be perfectly honest this study has helped reassure ourselves that we are in the right place and made us even more determined to keep up with our good work. If you agree with us, click here to make your appointment.

How to choose a Mobile Car Detailing company or Mobile Car Wash

How to choose a Mobile Car Detailing company or Mobile Car Wash

 how to choose a mobile car wash or auto detailing company
As a mobile car wash and detailing company ourselves, we have been asked this question so many times when receiving calls from people out of state, or outside the service area.
Mostly home stay moms and retired people will ask us where they can find a reputable business and what they should look for. After we explain that we operate legally, and how we choose the chemicals to use, we asked them what is their major concern.
Most people will start with their safety, since the mobile services come to their house, and continue with risks of having their expensive or collectable car paint damaged due to unexperienced technicians or bad tools and chemicals.
Also a lot of pedants are concerned with the chemicals used inside.
Here is our answer to most of the similar requests:
Make sure, no matter what, you choose a company or detailer that is licensed, bonded and insured.
It may come as a shock, but less then 10% of the mobile car wash and detailing service companies are compliant with the law.
Here are the 3 must have before considering hiring a mobile company.
  1. To be licensed. This requires background and credit check and compliance with your state laws. A car accident attorney gwinnett county can provide all of that for you in a jiffy.
  2. To be bonded. This will cover possible unpaid wages and injuries claims from an employee towards the company. And don’t think this matter should not concern you, because the cleaning will be done on your personal property or your business property and being naive about this can drag you in a costly lawsuit.
  3. To be insured. Being insured it will guarantee you are covered in case of any damages caused by the company you choose to hire. Ex: paint damage, key damage, driveway spills, personal belonging inside the car, and many more.
We have been hired many times to correct a paint restoration job, where the customer paid $300 – $400 dollars to an unlicensed and uninsured company to polish their car, and after the job was done and they took their car out in the sun, they realized their $100k car paint is a complete mess. And in a situation like this, unless the guy is responsible, you can’t get your money back, you can’t sue anybody, you can’t get your car fixed, unless you pay a premium to have a professional company restore it.
We tried to search similar articles with some advice on how to choose your mobile detailer, and most of them are written by reporters with no field experience. The only advice offered by these reporters is to look for online reviews and BBB. They also advice you to look for the low prices.
Those are great tools and a good start, but like with any other vendor, please make sure they are licensed, bonded and insured.
As for the prices, usually you get what you paid for.
The logical way to save money, is if you buy a coupon or get first time customer discount.
We have customers shopping around for the best price with no other concerns but the price. They would like us to match a $15 car wash that they were offered by an “X” mobile car wash. We politely decline them and if the conversation allows, we will ask them to look a little into the price. Meaning, driving to their location and washing the car with proper chemicals and tools, you are looking at minimum 1.5h of labor + the gas + chemicals and overhead, it will cost a $10 loss on the company proving the service.
As stated above, unless is a promotion, don’t buy underwage products of services, because at the end of the day, it will cost you and your community more.
Thank you for taking the time to read our article and we hope you find this useful!
PS: we are not professional writers, so we advise you to get the idea from this article, not to look for the quality of it

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