March 4, 2015 cars

Facts that I bet you did not know

Facts that I bet you did not know:

  • The three-year period between fall 2011 and fall 2014 was the driest since recordkeeping began in 1895.
  • Droughts encourage better water management, including increased conservation and investments in new supplies such as recycled wastewater, groundwater storage, and stormwater collection.
  • Households and non-farm businesses account for about 20% of human water use in California.
  • One important way to conserve is by using less water wherever possible.
  • The current car wash industry in the US alone wastes about 1,260,000 tons of water daily.
  • The California Water Resources Control Board now issues a $500 CITATION PER DAY if you wash your car at home using a considerable amount of water.
  • Waterless car wash has been proven to have better results on a car than the regular high pressure car wash.
  • Cars spend most of their time outside, therefore they are exposed to sunlight and other environmental hazards including the sun, dirt, smog and acid rain, that over time will deteriorate the auto’s paint finish.
  • The chemicals used in the waterless process are proven to restore the shine of the paint and maintain the best look for your vehicle.
  • The wax applied in our process will keep most outside elements away from deteriorating your paint.
  • When you think about selling your vehicle, you should consider detailing it first.
  • Did you know you could possibly add hundreds of dollars to the value of your car if it was completely detailed?