How to Book a Mobile Car Wash at your Home or Office?

There are multiple choices depending on the area that you need your service.

To start with, I think you should look for a reliable mobile car wash that has been around for a while. And second most important is make sure this company is licensed, bonded and insured.
Mobile Auto Detailer and Car Wash in Woodland Hills
If you are in Beverly Hills area, for example, you want to look for a local mobile car wash or mobile detailer. One reason is because you know that for most of the time you can book the same day service for you car wash. Another reason to choose a local detailer is knowingly that this person is used to the area and probably washes and detail most of your neighbors cars.
Your research key words will be something like: “mobile detailer”, “mobile car wash”, “mobile car wash in Beverly Hills”, “mobile car wash at my office or home”
Same thing if you are in Santa Monica. You need to follow the same procedure and the key phrases will be similar.
For example: “mobile car wash in santa monica” or “mobile detailer in santa monica”.
Once you find the right one, book an appointment online as most of the reliable companies will have an online booking system in place.
The ones that don’t, beware that they still run a business on a paper and usually they are not as efficient with they schedule witch may result in delays or no show.
Mobile Car Wash Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego and San Francisco
Since this is usually a convenience service, you want to have the convenience of simplicity. Meaning, book fast and easy, pay online and work on your business assured that professionals will take care of your car.

How to remove pet hair from your car or couch

4 simple steps to remove pet hair

We all love our pets so much, but the hair they leave behind can be very frustrating. This article will provide you with information on how to remove the pet hair from your car.
To remove pet hair from your car or your sofa at home, you will need the following:

  1. A good vacuum
  2. A carpet brush or a rubber broom
  3. A spray bottle

Removing pet hair is as easy as 1 – 2 – 3. Make sure you get the best litter box for multiple cats before you go on about this. Here are the 3 steps to remove pet hair from you car:

Step 1

Best is if your vacuum comes with a crevice tool. You will need to first vacuum gently all the surface to remove all the light hair.

After that continue vacuuming a small section at the time with repeated distress movements  (left to right or up and down)

If you care aggressive enough with the vacuum you should be left with very little pet hair behind.

Step 2

Spray with water the entire area covered with pet hair

Step 3

Brush everything in the corner of every panel. Or divide the covered area in panels. Then start vacuuming the pet hair and if there is any let over, vacuum almost simultaneously until the pet hair is gone.