Earth Car Wash is the leading green mobile car wash in Southern California, born in the summer of 2010, out of an immense desire to first provide the best mobile detailing service ever and second to consider and protect the environment.

The whole concept of Eco-friendly car wash was developed with the main purpose of delivering high standard car detailing with reducing water consumption. And when everything mentioned above comes straight to your door (or wherever you decide to have the service done) things can’t get any better than this.

The great vision of the company founder was translated into facts and it easily caught on the market, propulsing the company among the fastest growing small businesses. It quickly became a strong and powerful name on the market, creating its trademark as the company that delivers fast and reliable service with no disturbance to its clients.

Our large team and fleet are ready anytime to accommodate any kind of vehicle detailing needs. We can take care of any type or number of vehicles, whether you need us to clean your work car, your weekend sports car, your boss’s luxurious limousine, your company’s auto park, your oversized RV or your boat.

Using only Eco friendly chemicals and a very limited amount of water for the exterior of your car, our process is not only fast and efficient, but also guaranteed to work and exceed your expectations. Did we mention we exclusively use organic products for the interior of the car, which makes everything safer for people suffering from allergies?

Everything about this company is easy and convenient. From setting up an appointment using our friendly website, to receiving the best service you ever had for your car, everything is designed to limit your implication in the process as much as possible, allowing you to carry on with your daily activities while your car is getting clean and ready for you to use.

The most expensive gift anyone can offer you nowadays is time and we are proud to say that this is what we mainly want to give our clients. No more time wasting driving to the corner car wash, waiting in line, waiting for the car to be ready, maybe not happy with the results, but have to leave with your car imperfectly done because you have already wasted enough of your day. Everything is now happening with no effort or trouble on your end.

We’re very proud to have served so many important companies and exclusive locations, that is useless to say we come with high recommendations. Our policy is 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed and the high rate of returning customers says everything about our services.