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Mandatory Interior Detailing

Why detailing the interior of your car is MANDATORY at least once a month

Are you one of the over 50 million Americans who suffer from allergies?

organic interior detailing


Have you ever read those articles about how allergens are everywhere around us any by following a few simple steps we can eliminate most of the causes of severe allergies? Well, we all saw the Discovery Channel documentaries on dust mites that live in our mattresses and I’m sure most of us are very conscious about buying the most expensive anti allergenic mattresses, mattresses covers or bedding, about constantly cleaning our homes and making sure our sofas, chairs, carpeting, curtains and other welcoming hosts for dust mites are frequently cleaned.

And that’s great.  But guess what? That’s a job only half way done.

Because nowadays unfortunately we spend a good amount of time in our cars. Yes, that’s right. Nobody thought about the upholstery from the car. Nobody thought about the vents in our cars. And that’s where we live and breath so many hours a day.

Now, even if we keep our cars clean and vacuum frequently the inside, that doesn’t mean our upholstery is dust mites free and our vents are cleaned. Steaming and thoroughly cleaning the inside of our cars on a regular basis is now mandatory.

steam interior detailing


And that is yet another reason for which Earth Car Wash should be your only option to take care of your car detailing needs. Not only we offer the convenience of cleaning it wherever you might be, traveling to you and doing our job without interrupting your busy day schedule, but we also exclusively use organic products for the interior of your car and professional steamers to clean your upholstery, mats, undermats and vents.

So don’t wait any longer and book your appointment now.

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