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Earth Car Wash Mobile Services

The one and only Earth Car Wash mobile car wash and detailing. No more time wasting at the corner car washes! We come to you! Self sufficient and professionally trained staff

Mobile Services

 Earth Car Wash comes to your home or office

One Stop

No more time wasting trying to find a corner car wash. 

Bonded and Licensed

One of the very few Mobile Car Washes to be Bonded, Licensed and Insured. 


All our products are Eco-friendly and interior products Organic


 Earth Car Wash uses only in-house employees. Background check and professional training is mandatory. 

No outsourcing

Earth Car Wash is one large Mobile Car Wash and Detailing company. Our employees/technician provide the service, no outsourcing to unreliable companies.

Book your appointment online

You can book and pay for your appointment online.

Fast Booking

Booking an appointment online it so easy, that you will be in and out in under 3 minutes.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Earth Car Wash is so confident that we can deliver the best results, that we guarantee you will be happy with our work. If, for whatever reasons, you are not happy with the job we performed, we come back and redo the package at no cost and to your satisfaction. 

Contacting Us

Earth Car Wash is a very open, easy to reach company. Our toll free number will be answered by our live dispatch, and email is checked hourly during the business hours.


Earth Car Wash is serving his customers since 2010. Our happy customer list includes some of the biggest hotels, media studios, dealerships, celebrities and individual vehicle owners.  

Serving Area

Earth Car Wash started in Los Angeles County back in 2010. As of right now, we offer our mobile car wash and detailing services to residents of Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego and San Francisco. 

Our Team

 Earth Car Wash build a solid team over the years. We only recrut people that share our Eco-friendly vision and are fanatic car enthusiastic  


You can socialize with us and find out about latest announcements on pages like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn etc.


Earth Car Wash REVIEWS

We are Earth Car Wash!

Earth Car Wash Customer

Los Angeles

I work for a very high-end employer with a very valuable vehicle.
I’ve use them numerous times and their service is impeccable.
Prompt, professional, discrete and green…. All music to my ears. 

Earth Car Wash CustomerDon T
Earth Car Wash Customer

Los Angeles

This service is truly incredible. The convenience they provide by being on time, efficient, and thorough is unmatched when it comes to mobile car wash services. I have used this service 5 times so far and I will be using them for all my future car washes. 

Earth Car Wash CustomerHunter T
Earth Car Wash Customer

San Francisco

Booked a mobile wash and wax online, Earth Car Wash pulled up precisely on time.  The operator was able to do everything in my driveway, using water and power from his own van.  When he left after an hour or so, the car was gleaming and perfect.  I’ve signed up for weekly washes, monthly waxes, and quarterly interior detailing, all at one price.  This was a lifesaver; I signed up as an early customer because I’d been taking my new car to SF’s few car washes, with very long waits and wretched service from their hordes of uninterested people wielding dirty rags.  For the same price or less, Earth Car Wash came to me and one person carefully focused on my car while I continued working inside.  Highly recommended. 

Earth Car Wash CustomerRobert G
Earth Car Wash Customer

San Francisco

Seriously, the detailing job I had done today is amazing! They were on time, actually 5 minutes early, and cleaned the interior of my car as if it is now a new car and my car is 14 years old.  I am ready to have them scheduled twice or more a year.  My floor mats were filthy and they look like new. Cars is gorgeous! Extremely professionally with great attention to all the details! 

Earth Car Wash CustomerAudrey D
Earth Car Wash Customer

San Francisco

Earth Car Wash is as good as it gets! I have never trusted any of the standard car wash outfits in SF and have always hand-washed on my own. After a summer camping vacation in a remote region of high sierra left my car covered in a thick coat of dust and dirt, I was too busy to tackle the job myself. I turned to Earth Car Wash to get her back to a showroom shine.

I found a voucher on LivingSocial and submitted an appointment request late on a Friday night for a wash early the next morning. I was very doubtful that they would see my request and respond in time to make the appointment. The next morning I received a call and they told me they could come even earlier if it suited my schedule (very impressed I must)!

When they showed up, there was limited room for them to work on my car due to tight parking conditions. They happily followed me to a more open location 5 minutes away and began to tackle the thick layer of dirt that covered my car (my normally dark blue car was completely covered in a pale coating of dust from off-road trails.

An 1.5 hours later she was hand washed and waxed back to her normal self. The interior was like new, with every crevice and cranny cleaned. The service was so great and the price was so inexpensive, that I was compelled to leave a big tip. I was thoroughly impressed. I will definitely be requesting their services in the future. This is a trusted operation that is willing to go above and beyond to do what it takes. 

Earth Car Wash CustomerMoses A
Earth Car Wash Customer

Los Angeles

I was once a weekly patron at Mission Car Wash and thought it was the best spa treatment my car could get. But after noticing my black car was getting more swirl marks after each wash because of the re-use of washing mitts there.

I began my search for the Ultimate Auto Detailing.  Now my search is over with Groupon’s ingenious marketing, I have found my favorite spot.  My home!  My place at my time.  They come to me.  They also go to your office or friends house or another location.  So now I can continue my day without wasting time at a car wash joint!!

Very well priced and on top of that they are waterless!  My bf and I, both had our cars detailed inside and out with biodegradable products, the exterior body got a signature treatment w/ Clay Bar, Hand-applied Carnauba wax,  tires trimmed and without a drop of water! So get your car washed and help the environment at the same time!

Definitely will make another appointment and hope you do the same!

BTW: They also hook up a discount if you have a few vehicles that need pampering.

Earth Car Wash CustomerA M
 Earth Car Wash Customer

Newport Beach

I have been using Earth Car Wash for over a year now and they have been nothing but AWESOME!!! The car washers are always punctual, friendly, and professional. They make our 3 cars look AMAZING! One of our cars is a newer luxury sports car and the dealer recommended we use a service like this because water and soap were too hard on the paint. So since the last polish at the dealer, we have been using Earth Car Wash and the paint looks as good as it did when we left the dealer! So with all of these great reasons to use Earth Car Wash, we can add that it’s better for the environment too! Oh and they come to you! No more sitting at the car wash on Saturday mornings! It’s an all around win win for everyone!!!  Our cars always look great and better than a traditional car wash and we aren’t wasting water. Try this service. You will love it!

Earth Car Wash CustomerEllen D
Earth Car Wash Customer

Newport Beach

Earth Car Wash is the best! I had them detailed my car because I’ve been waiting to sell it. & the outcome was awesome! They were able to get stains out my car  to make my car look new again. I sold my car & now I know who to call when I want a car wash. They have great deals & ill recommend them to everyone!!!!! 

Earth Car Wash CustomerRoxy L
Earth Car Wash Customer

San Diego

I’m a person who take care of his car very well and having it detailed once a month. I used many car wash services before but I was really impressed by the quality of work that was done to my car by this guys. First of all they showed up to my house which is very good if you don’t want to waste your time at a car wash. Two guys detailed my car and and I’m telling you, these guys make the car look like a brand new car. I was really satisfied about the work done and I will use their services in the future for sure!!!

Earth Car Wash CustomerCristian F
Earth Car Wash Customer

Marina Del Rey

I looked for a serious mobile car wash to come at my office and clean our cars for about a month. I finally found Earth Car Wash through a post in LA Times and I called them for an appointment. They offered me a free demonstration and they came prepared with all the paper work such as insurance, recommendations, and a proof of the bond and license. I was really impressed with the job and with the business ethics. We contracted Earth Car Wash three times already, and we signed up for a weekly service. We highly recommend Earth Car Wash to any other businesses out there that are looking for a clean, safe and customer friendly mobile car wash and detailing.
Thank you Earth Car Wash for carrying about us and the environment! 

Earth Car Wash CustomerJulie C
Earth Car Wash Customer

Culver City

Absolutely spotless car wash.  This place makes me fall in love with my car all over again.  From the care they take to the small details they remember to fix, an overall great service.
If you’re a friend to the environment but like your car to be clean, you found your match.
Waterless, spotless, great wash with excellent service.
Thank you Adrian & team!

Earth Car Wash CustomerIrina C
Earth Car Wash Customer

Santa Monica

Sean and Adrian did an outstanding job on Saturday morning.  The gave my LR3 a full detail, my Impala a mini detail and my companies work van a Happy.  They were great and even asked me to look it over to make sure they did not miss anything. Between the clay treatment, wax and polish got 98% of the scratches off both sides from 4weelin. They gave me some extra trim treatment that I can use before I take my truck into get appraised.  The first appraisers were complementing on how great the truck looked.  Of course I took credit!  Thanks Earth Car Wash!  See you soon… 

Earth Car Wash CustomerEric P


Exotic Car Wash and Auto Detailing

We cater all type of cars. From a daily driver to the most expensive cars in the world.


Our Technicians

Employees play an important role for every company that offers products or services to help customers experience the best out there. Our car wash and detailing technicians are professionally trained.


Earth Car Wash already worked on over 25.000 happy customers cars! With this in mind, our goal is to continuously improve our services.
That’s a promise!

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