December 31, 2014 cars

The End of Our Green Year

The End of Our Green Year ​ ​


Here we are, at that time of the year when we look back at what we’ve accomplished and then we look forward at what we have planned for the next year. We are so proud to name ourselves amongst the environmentally and socially responsible actors on the green scene this year. Lessons were learned, strength was found to keep up with the good work and we managed to stay true to our beliefs and continue to provide the best mobile detailing service in Southern California while being very environmentally conscious. ​It’s been a great year, with many satisfied customers, with a lot of resources preserved and with the greatest accomplishment that we’ve established a strong and committed team and we’ve made a name for ourselves. ​

And now as we pass to the new year, our goals are very ambitious. We’re already the best and biggest mobile detail company in Southern California. Now it’s time to expand. Now it’s time to grow and leave our footprint where is should be. We already know our system works, we already know people are anxious to welcome us in other states, as we already receive questions regarding out growth, and we’re ready to take on the challenge. It’s not going to be easy, as we’re always dealing with our most aggressive competitors, the small time companies, operating just outside the law, with no insurance, no license and no trained technicians. But nothing great was ever achieved easily and “GREAT” is what we want to be. ​We’re strong enough to face anything and we’re confident that we’re going to grow nation wide and while still providing the best service ever, also raising awareness on being environmentally responsible.

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