December 10, 2014 cars

Green mobile detailing business expands to San Francisco


Since being green and environmentally conscious is one of our main concerns, we are very active in the green community. And when we learned that San Francisco is ranked no. 2 in the first ten greenest city in Southern California, Oakland is ranked no. 4 and Berkeley is ranked no. 7, obviously we grabbed the opportunity to expand our business there since the market faces such high demand of Eco friendly services.

And boy, were we right on the spot!!! As soon as our mobile detailing company opened a branch in San Francisco the customers started booking appointments. And not only that, but everybody is interested in becoming a monthly client, since they learned that is one of our most discounted packages. Now, seriously, who doesn’t want to completely erase from their mind the hassle of having to go to the car wash and maintain their car look nice and shinny all the time? Our amazing monthly package takes care of your car for a whole month without you even doing a thing. And all that comes in a green, Eco friendly package? Absolute no brainer.

We are very proud to serve such an environmentally emancipated community. It makes our mission even more important.

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