Green Celebrities and their Cars

Celebrities are leading by example by driving green! 

Jay Leno, Justin Bieber, Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, Ashton Kutcher, George Clooney, Kristen Bell, Elon Musk and Cameron Diaz are just a few celebrities that embrace green / electric vehicles.

matt damon tesla celebrity car pics

Matt Damon Driving a electric Tesla Roadster


leonardo dicaprio electric car

Leonardo DiCaprio along his Karma

Keisten Bell green car

Keisten Bell green car Chevy Volt


Jay Leno Chevy Volt

Elon Musk tesla car

Elon Musk Tesla S Model

cameron diaz driving a tesla

Cameron Diaz driving a Tesla

ashton kutcher car collection

Ashton Kutcher car Karma

Luxury electric cars are in! Celebrities are leading by example by choosing as a daily driver electric and hybrid cars.

Lets follow their example!