Car Detailing Pacific Palisades

 Car Detailing Pacific Palisades

Earth Car Wash – Mobile Car Wash and Auto Detailing Pacific Palisades

Pacific Palisades is a very affluent neighborhood hosting Earth Car Wash customers with some of the highest average incomes in Los Angeles Counties. This location features endless ocean and cliff views that will leave anyone in awe.
Pacific Palisades is an affluent neighborhood and district in the Westside of the city of Los Angeles, California, located among Brentwood to the east, Malibu and Topanga to the west, Santa Monica to the southeast, the Santa Monica Bay to the southwest, and the Santa Monica Mountains to the north.

Mobile Car Detailer Pacific Palisades

Recent Testimonials from Customers in Pacific Palisades


I have been using Earth Car Wash for over a year now and they have been nothing but AWESOME!!! The car washers are always punctual, friendly, and professional. They make our 3 cars look AMAZING! One of our cars is a newer luxury sports car and the dealer recommended we use a service like this because water and soap were too hard on the paint. So since the last polish at the dealer, we have been using Earth Car Wash and the paint looks as good as it did when we left the dealer! So with all of these great reasons to use Earth Car Wash, we can add that it’s better for the environment too! Oh and they come to you! No more sitting at the car wash on Saturday mornings! It’s an all around win win for everyone!!!  Our cars always look great and better than a traditional car wash and we aren’t wasting water. Try this service. You will love it!


Have a busy schedule, as most of us do? Carwashes often closed when you have the time togo to them?  Want an AMAZING wax and polish that comes toyou? Then Earth Carwash is the carwash for you! Earth Carwash will come to you and wash, scrub, polish,and buff your car until it shines like new! Earth Carwash was professional, courteous, andgave my car the best detail it’s ever received.  What a great service! Call them and have them come to on your convenience and never have to think twice of taking your car to a carwash again!

Earth Carwash receives 5 stars from me! Not only did they arrive on time, they are virtually a waterless carwash, but their professionalism was something to be admired! I called Earth Carwash and wanted an appointment the next day, and although they did tell me they were busy, they were able to fit me into their tight schedule and did the best detailing job I have ever had done. I would highly recommend Earth Carwash to anyone who likes things done on their own time, as well as a company who is eco-friendly, great job!



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