Locate a Mobile Car Detailing Service and Average Prices to Expect

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Mobile car detailing is becoming more popular then ever. As the name implies, the detailing work will be performed while you are at your office or home. Mobile car detailing services allows you to work without interruptions or relax at home doing what you like. Mobile car detailing services will include some or all of the following:

  • Hand car wash and car waxing
  • Clay Treatment will remove all imperfections
  • Application of auto paint sealant (UV protectant)
  • Window cleaning (inside and out) and polishing
  • Shampoo and deodorize rugs (including trunk and hatch), floor-mats and cloth seats
  • Organic leather cleaning and conditioning (prevents UV damage, cracking and drying)
  • Spot clean carpets, cloth seats and headliner
  • Interior cleaning and dressing: air vents, door panels, dash, console, steering column, cup holders and mirrors
  • Cleaning and dressing: wheel wells, tires, wheel covers and rims
  • Chrome trim is cleaned and polished
  • Clean and dress (with UV protectant) exterior vinyl, rubber and plastic
  • Cleaning door jambs and thresholds
  • Vehicle interior is vacuumed, including the trunk or hatch area
  • Adding your choice of fragrance to the interior
  • Engine top side is steam cleaned and all hoses, wires, etc. are applied with protectant

Average Mobile Car Detailing Prices

  • Standard car wash: From $35 to about $55
  • Hand car wash and auto wax: From $85 to about $100
  • Mini Detail: From $125 to about $180
  • Full Detail: From $195 to about $295
  • Show car ready paint maintenance detailing: From $350 to about $600

Benefits of hiring will go beyond the convenience or coming to you, it will also save you money in reality and save you the hassle of the corner car wash sales people. It also provide you with a much better detailing service as a mobile detailer will take his time with every car to be detailer.

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