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Water Consumption

Imagine washing your car this weekend, and help saving 35 to 45 gallons of water! In fact “Earth Car Wash” dose not use a drop of water, but it dose use all environmental safe products. Leaving your vehicle clean and shiny! All use products are green and biodegradable. Not only that you get a better and cleaner car wash, but we have to work together in reducing the water consumption.
The future is ours!
Car washing by hand can use up to 80-140 gallons per wash. Commercial car washes use approximately 45 gallons of water per car wash. The runoff from hand car washing contains contaminated water laden with harmful chemicals, soaps and oils from road grime that gets stuck to the vehicle while driving. This contaminated water can leach directly into the soil and eventually into local waterways, thus creating environmental damage and polluting our precious watershed systems. Most commercial car washes flush the used “grey water” into the sanitary system, creating more water and chemicals to process. (from the International Carwash Association) Earth Car Wash creates NO toxic runoff and only uses a few ounces of water to clean, polish and protect the vehicle. Vehicles will stay clean longer due to the anti-static properties in the formula and result in fewer cleanings per month.


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